Visionless (a Vision Pro take)

Behold the Apple Vision Pro. The first new product category from Apple that I haven’t immediately bought into on Day One in many, many years.

I see the potential. I really do. It may not be for everyone for everything like the iPhone, but I’d love to watch a movie on a giantass floating screen in my comfortable living room every once in a while. Sure.

I’m just not convinced yet. I don’t think she looks convinced either:

Apple Vision Pro wearer looking blank

It’s an oddly blank expression. I don’t remember ever feeling so “nothing” in response to a promotional photo. An uncanny valley effect on my emotional response system.

On the other hand, that same company released their most groundbreaking product in a decade or more with advertisements that looked like this:

Image search result of silhouettes of people dancing on vibrant backgrounds with ipods

The iPod is for dancing. For listening to music. For enjoying oneself through sound in a novel portable device.

Vision Pro is for blank stillness. For starched button-up shirts. For an isolated existence.

The journey of time and sentiment around technology between these two promotional campaigns is profound.

There’s more here than I really want to write about at this time. I’ll be paying attention to how the device is received, but the unease I feel about it all… I wasn’t expecting that from an Apple product.

Eric Brookfield @ericbrookfield