the internet is broken and we can fix it

if people want to make the internet more like the 90s / 00s, let’s do it and let’s do it right this time. Your gonna have to pay a little bit for it. That’s okay. Because this the kind of stuff that you, yes you, actually love about the internet:

The internet is good things. For me, it’s things I love, like Keyboard Cat and Double Rainbow. It’s personal blogs and LiveJournals; it’s AIM away messages and MySpace top 8s. It’s the distracted-­girlfriend meme and a subreddit for “What is this bug?” It is a famous thread on a bodybuilding forum where meatheads argue about how many days are in a week. For others, it’s Call of Duty memes and the mindless entertainment of YouTubers like Mr. Beast, or a place to find the highly specific kind of ASMR video they never knew they wanted. It’s an anonymous supportive community for abuse victims, or laughing at Black Twitter’s memes about the Montgomery boat brawl, or trying new makeup techniques you learned on TikTok.

Good shit,

Eric Brookfield @ericbrookfield