The Bear is a mirror for America we don't want to look at

2 eps into The Bear S2… just a goddamn masterpiece of a piece of media we can’t talk about as a collective because of fragmented media viewing habits.

it has everything we need to be discussing in america right now:

  • how running a small business that does something real is too expensive
  • wanting to do something life-fulfilling that doesn’t involve making oodles of money, which everyone seems to want you to do
  • real structural problems, as in the environment we live and work, covered in maintenance band-aids over the years that is finally in need of real repair
  • the true cost of trying to improve your station, or someone else’s, in life
  • how do we even have fun? there’s so much work to be done
  • good t shirts somehow cost $75
Eric Brookfield @ericbrookfield