Published February 01, 2012

Bash Convert All Your SCSS (or CSS) to SASS in One Line

SCSS is great and all, but, I mean, c'mon… no semi-colons!

I've been using — nay, depending on — SaSS and Compass for at least a year (I'll get around to contributing, I swear). At the time when I picked it up, I was not familiar with Ruby or YAML, so its indentation-based syntax took a little while for me to wrap my head around.

But HipHost uses Ruby On Rails, so I've gotten to know and love Ruby. I took another stab at using the SASS syntax and now I'll never go back.

The only problem is I've got quite a few .scss partials that I need to convert now. Well open up that Terminal; here's one line of bash to the rescue:

You can replace that first *.scss with **_ or _*.css* depending on what's in your pwd. Just remember to change your from (-F) argument accordingly.